Simple Counter

Using a Simple Counter

If you just want to keep track of your iterations within a loop, you can use a Simple Counter instead. You can initialise a simple counter with the start method. Optionally, you can pass an Array, Countable or Integer to set the Counter's length.

$counter = new Counter;

while($condition === true) {

    $counter->tick(); // Always increment your counter right before closing the loop!

Available methods

The simple counter has all methods of the normal (traversing) counter, although some of the implementations are slightly different. Only the methods with different implementations are listed below.


Will always return false if no Counter length was specified using the start method. Otherwise behaves normally.


This method will return null, since a Simple Counter does not keep track of any variable that may be looped. We recommend not using this method for Simple Counters to avoid confusion.


If no length was specified using the start method, the PHP Constant INF will be returned.